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Lifestyle Diseases

Overweight and obesity, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, insulin resistance, PCOS, type 2 diabetes and heart disease are all considered disease of lifestyle. These are modifiable factors and can be improved upon with a change in dietary behaviours and other lifestyle factors. Weight loss and continued weight maintenance reduces lifestyle disease risk as well as disease management if already living with the above mentioned conditions. 

Digestive Problems

The digestive tract is said to be the “balancing center” of the body and finding that balance is vital in leading a healthful lifestyle. Digestive problems include but are not limited to reflux, peptic ulcers, constipation, diarrhea, irritable bowel syndrome, inflammatory bowel disease, and celiacs disease. Dietitians can provide specialised meal plans to improving gut functioning and thus improving associated symptoms.

Kidney Disease

Kidney disease (aka Renal disease) is on the rise because of lifestyle and medical related factors. It is an overwhelming disease in which a specialised diet is required for long term management and maintaining current kidney function, and preventing affiliated complications. Dieticians consider lifestyle, personal preferences, renal function, treatment, medication, blood values and other relevant factors to provide personalised meal plans.

We also assist with:


Cancer nutrition


Food Allergies and/or Intolerances

Nutrition during Pregnancy

Nutrition for Babies and Children