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Dieticians are equipped with clinical skills and the ability to assist in the treatment and management of nutrition related medical conditions. This can be done in the consulting rooms or in a hospital setting, depending on individual needs.

If you have had any blood tests within the past 3 months please bring the results along. Also information on any medications you are taking chronically will be required.

The initial consultation will take approximately one and a half hours; this is nevertheless dependent on diagnosis and required treatment. Follow-up consultations are half an hour, and again this is also determined by individual progress.

We charge within medical aid rates. The consultation is payable upfront and then can be claimed back from the medical aid. Costs are covered by most medical aids depending on your type of plan and benefits. A more detailed breakdown is available on request per Email or telephone.

During the initial consultation a full anthropometric assessment (weight, height, BMI, body fat percentage etc.) is done, as well as a clinical assessment and diet history. Biochemistry is required as recommended by the dietitian. Using all information attained, a personalised eating plan will be developed and sent to you within 24hours. Any blood tests needed are done when indicated after the first consultation.

No, dietitians can assess and treat without a referral from a doctor. Most medical aids are however more inclined to pay if a doctor has made a referral.

No, you simply need to sign in at the reception desk to gain access to the gym. If you are uncertain of where to go speak to the reception staff and they will guide you in the correct direction.