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Hi, I'm Taryn

I completed my Bachelor of Science degree in Dietetics at the North West University of Potchefstroom in 2013. After completing my community service year in 2014, I decided to expand into private practice and gain more experience in this area to fulfil my career goal of one day owning my own practice.

I have always had an interest in health and nutrition. I enjoy helping others to achieve their personal health goals to ensure that they live a healthy and balanced life. I am passionate about all aspects of nutrition, but have a specific interest in gastro intestinal diseases, sports nutrition, weight loss and lifestyle diseases (diabetes, insulin resistance & cholesterol). I enjoy sharing my knowledge of nutrition with others in the hope of empowering people to make healthy and good choices when it comes to their eating patterns.

I believe that true health is focused on finding and sustaining a good balance in life. Being healthy means not only that you follow a healthy diet, but it includes being active and also focusing on your mental health. Living a healthy lifestyle for me, means making sure that you find a good balance with your diet, your exercise and your emotional wellbeing.

I have a strong passion for helping people achieve this and nothing is more rewarding than seeing the positive changes in people and helping them to achieve and sustain overall health.